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Willow Class is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class, taught by Katherine Wall, Lisa Howells and Tom Pether.

Being the eldest class in a Rights-Respecting school, we are the role-models for supporting all our rights to Article 28 – the right to a good education; we work hard as a team for every child in the class to achieve this and have high expectations for each other. We regularly get 100% in our SPARX multiplications and have daily maths home-learning to practice and consolidate what we have learnt. Reading together is one of the highlights of the day and we use accelerate reader quizzes and targets to track progress. 

Inclusivity is a strength; we recognise and celebrate difference and what this brings to us a community. We are reflective, pro-active and develop strong independent skills in our learning, which supports the transition to secondary school. We love being outdoors and part of the Year 6 responsibility is to take care of the polytunnel with members of the community.

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Class 3 Pic 1
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