Reception is an exciting phase of a child's education based on the fundamental principal that children learn best through play and hands on experiences. 

Due to the close way in which we work in the Foundation Stage Unit, there is a natural flow from nursery into Reception. The children continue to enjoy both child and teacher led play activities within the classroom and also have plenty of time to explore the outdoor environment.

Each day the children have opportunities to read, write and use numbers in order to develop independent writing skills. We follow the guidelines of the EYFS, providing exciting and engaging activities to build on the 7 areas of learning.

The children are encouraged to be independent learners and to choose their own learning journeys. They are free to access and select the resources they feel they need to help them in their play and learning.

We believe that every child is unique and the best learning happens when they are engaged and motivated. We therefore aim to provide a rich, secure and enabling environment in which the children can develop a lifelong love of learning.