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Café Day

This week the Reception Aged children have been preparing for their cafe day. This ties in with our topic on 'People that help us' in which we have looked at waiters/ waitresses, shop keepers and bakers. The children came up with all the ideas as to what they wanted to do. First, we made invites for our family to invite them to the cafe on Thursday. We worked in pairs to make posters to advertise the day, made menus and wrote a shopping list for Mrs Partridge to ensure she didn't forget any of the ingredients. The class decided on some cakes that they wanted to make and managed to follow the recipes to bake some delicious offerings. The children decided that all the items should be £1 each and so they practised adding up £1 coins and exchanging £1 coins for different notes. The children also wrote numbers for the tables and decorated the table clothes.

On Thursday the children were able to put all the pieces together when they greeted the customers, took their orders from the menu, served the food and collected the payments. The children made over £180 with all the profits going towards the 'Read, Write Inc' reading scheme. We've had a really fun week.